Power of Positive Painting – Instructional DVD

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With apologies, The Power of Positive Painting© is no longer available because the image quality of my reproductions is not high enough quality. And I do not have access to the master copy.

The Power of Positive Painting© is the long awaited how-to paint book by nationally renown artist, Robert Maniscalco. The P3 is a full color, 145 page, how-to draw and paint method. It is a highly informative, beautifully illustrated, user-friendly paperback book, covering everything from developing an accurate drawing and underpainting, mixing rich luminous flesh tones, to completing a finished portrait. Robert’s step-by-step P3method demystifies the art of not only portrait painting but any genre involving form, including still life and landscape. There’s even a section on releasing the creative genius inside you! The P3 is the sum total of all of Robert’s forty years of artistry and teaching. Every trade secret is laid out for the taking, a constant companion you will turn to throughout your artistic journey.

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