I create with my eyes, hands and heart

A portrait is forever

What's the difference between being a painter and being an artist?

How we say with our art is as important as what we say

I try to create art that shows us working and doing

The art of going deeper often means getting out of the way of our ego.

The atmosphere, temperature and humidity all come into play.

The challenge is to capture a moment and still make something timeless

We are looking for marks that tell the story, not as decorations

To capture light is to capture character

We use our skill to make a difference with the visual stories we tell

Home of American Portrait Painter and Fine Artist, Robert Maniscalco

It’s Art to Believe

We invite you to explore this website as an arts resource.

The Home of Renowned Gallery and Portrait Artist – Robert Maniscalco

Find out more about the mission of nationally renowned, Charleston based, multidisciplinary creative, Robert Maniscalco. Robert has distinguished himself as a portrait painter, gallery artist, courtroom sketch artist, quick sketch artist, teacher, author, TV host, videographer, BLOGGER, actor and composer.
This website features Robert’s inspiring and empowering products and services, including his Fine Art, Paint on Demand and Commission Portraits. But it is also an arts resource loaded with inspiring free content for you to explore. Check out Rob’s online painting demonstrations and his Blogosphere, and his latest book of poetry and images, Chromo Sapient
Robert teaches regular painting workshops and small group classes, as well as private lessons, for those looking to take their next step in becoming an accomplished gallery or portrait artist.
Robert is available for speaking, demonstrating and adjudicating at your next guild meeting or art competition. He is also a regular arts correspondent in the media. Contact him in Charleston, SC today to set up a tour of his studio or to schedule a consultation with Robert to find out how we can help you on your creative journey.
Learn about Robert’s how-to book, the Amazon #1 Bestseller, The Power of Positive Painting

About Having a Maniscalco Portrait




Judicial Portraits

Pastel and Charcoal

Families and Groups

Pets and Animals

Gallery of Fine Art

“I believe artists are our conscience, the teachers of society. The best artists have the ability to go deep within themselves to bring up the treasures, usually in the form of questions, which form a blueprint for a meaningful life. As an artist, I am always looking for ways to bring meaning and clarity into the world, to use my God given talent to inquire and to edify. So I share my journey, finding and expressing insight any way I can, to whoever is willing to engage in our shared human journey. I do this through my painting, my writing, my acting/directing my music and my teaching.” rm


Still Life


Spiritual (The Quench Project)

Portraiture (Non-Commission)

Fantasy (NETI)

Learn from a Master

Put Robert Maniscalco’s 40 years of experience to work for you. Robert’s focus is on method and process, not technical tricks. Based on the Frank Reilly Method, Robert has adapted this amazing painting system to the needs of the modern realist. Learn the secrets of value-based, “light on form” painting methods to create expressive, colorful, accurate professional level portraits and fine art. There are a number of ways to study with Robert, but due to Covid19, he is currently only offering private instruction. Regular weekly classes and two and three day portrait painting workshops are currently paused.

Instructional Aids

Robert has produced numerous books and DVDs to aid students at every level to make the transition to professional artist. His latest book, The Power of Positive Painting, is getting great reviews. In addition, he has created lots of free or inexpensive instructional content, available on this website. Also, Robert offers services, classes and instructional aids which may be of interest to students of art, all of which can be accessed on the button below. Let Robert help you produce real results in your drawing and painting. Get inspired by his easy to understand, entertaining and concrete instruction.


Paint on Demand

Invite Robert to come to your home or office where he will collaborate with you to generate fresh, creative solutions for your environment. Sometimes it’s as simple as re-hanging what you already have in a fresh new way. Sometimes introducing a new piece of art can make all the difference. Let’s find solutions. Robert loves to work from photos you have taken that uniquely celebrate your life’s journey. Invite Robert to add personal beauty and meaning through his art, transforming your environment as a reflection of you and your family. Of course, you can always explore Robert’s available works to get inspired. On a budget? See what Robert has available under $500.

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