Brush with Art Painting Parties

The Ultimate “Art with Wine” Experience

For those who enjoy a casual painting with wine experience but want to paint something worth keeping while you’re at it, come enjoy a painting experience with master painter, Robert Maniscalco. He makes it fun to paint a truly awesome work of art. “We have found creating a wall-worthy painting is really no more challenging than the simple graphic fare you’d find at a typical Bottles and Brush type operation,” says Robert, who has taken this very successful party-paint-along concept and made it a far more meaningful and enjoyable experience. “For one thing, we work in oils, which is actually far easier to use.” Robert leads the group with patience and humor, one step at a time, so no one ever feels lost. Robert’s got your back!

People, ages 10-105, who have never painted in their lives, are creating wonderful paintings they would be proud to give as gifts or hang on their own walls. Those who have attended other painting parties are raving about their experience with the Maniscalcos.

The Democratization of Art

“I like the ‘paint along with the master’ concept,” says Robert. “And it happens to be the best way to learn. It’s how I learned. AND I like the idea of thinking of painting as a fun, casual experience. It kind of takes the edge off what might otherwise be an intimidating endeavor.” Robert has been an advocate for what he calls, “The Democratization of Art,” for many years.

Robert asked the question: “What if we painted something simple yet interesting so participants could go away with a piece of work they can be proud of AND maybe learn a little something about painting while having a great time?” Robert has always believed art should be available to anyone. That’s why he invented The Power of Positive Painting thirty years ago and recently released his book of the same title. which breaks down the complex process of painting and drawing into very simple terms and has led to thousands of people becoming proficient in painting over the years.

These paintings are the result of recent “Brush with Art” event at Robert’s Studio or at your home business. With small numbers, expert guidance from a master painter with lots of individual attention, everyone is guaranteed to have fun and be successful.

We offer group painting parties to the general public. We all paint the same image in a couple hours, enjoying some relaxing, guided, creative fun. No fuss, no muss (we provide the painting smocks). Everything is provided. You bring the wine and any treats to eat. We’ve set up everything you need to make a great painting. Talk about a memorable, creative experience. This is it

Team Building

Painting Parties are an excellent Team Building and Friend Bonding activity. Robert can tailor the festivities to a particular theme, choosing significant subject matter (like say, the lowcountry), and incorporating positive motivational themes, connecting the creative process to the adventure we call life. Robert is always motivating and encouraging. That’s just his thing.


Remember, we can also come to you, if preferred.

We are now offering group of six packages, so you can get some of your best friends together for some fun and creativity. If you would like to join a class as an individual, contact me and I will squeeze you in.

Find out more about scheduling a Painting Party for Six:


Painting Party for Six

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