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Study acting with veteran actor and coach, rob maniscalco

Rob offers scene study and private coaching lessons to those who want to benefit from the actor training methods and techniques but are not yet ready to commit to a three year training program. Note: there is nothing like the experience of a 2-3 year full immersion actor training program and I recommend it highly if you are truly serious about being an actor.

The thousands and thousands of twenty something’s who flock to LA or New York, pursue not art, but fame and celebrity. The British actor however, spends years training their instrument. They collectively realize the importance of a resonant voice, clear speech, a pliable body, and a versatile temperament. Maggie Flannigan

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Through exercises, improvisation, scene study and monologues, the student will understand and learn the tools needed to begin an acting career.  We will focus on basic acting technique, character development and script analysis.  We will begin with understanding action, given circumstances and simple reality.  Through character, relationship and scene work the student will learn to make creative and effective choices to deepen their performance.  Students will learn relaxation techniques, voice and movement flow and develop a simple warmup routine.  We will introduce a variety of methods, including Meisner and Strasberg Sense Memory techniques to deepen the students understanding of the process used by major actors working today.  We will challenge and hone the student’s skills in acting and offer opportunity for the student to perform in a showcase at the end of the course.

What students are saying:

I am forever grateful for your coaching.  NEVER could have done it without your help. You are da man!  Ruthann

We appreciate so much your patience and great talent in coaching Ethan —  and remain impressed with your own acting and artistic abilities! Bari

I got the video! Wow, thank you so much for spending the time necessary to “bring out the best” in my budding acting career. It was such a learning experience and cannot wait until the next time.  Andy

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