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Robert is your one-stop shop to write, shoot and edit your next video projejct. Do you have an idea that needs to be put on the screen? Robert uses all his artistic and theatrical skill and creativity to collaborate with you, brainstorming and working with you to turn your idea into something amazing. Your customer has a problem; you have the solution. There is a story in that and we will find it. Robert’s experience as a Producer and Host of ART Beat on PBS, along with his 37 years as an artist, gallerist, actor, director, acting coach, composer and writer come in pretty handy when it comes to expanding an idea into something meaningful and memorable. His Guerrilla approach lends itself to a high quality, fresh, spontaneous, informative, entertaining and relatively inexpensive product that will be watched and shared by your target audience, whether that’s your nationwide sales-force or your beautiful family.

  • Corporate training videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Kickstarter Campaigns
  • Product Demonstration
  • Website Promo/Introductions for your product or business
  • Social Networking
  • Theatrical Videography/Trailers
  • Music Videos
  • Book Trailers
  • Sports videos
  • Family Milestones
  • Creative family narrative videos,
    where your kids are the stars of the show!

  • Audition and Coaching Services
  • Actor Reels

Visit Robert’s Youtube page to see all the short films Rob has made.

Sample work:

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