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Robert presents a limited number of Portrait Certificates to assist worthwhile charities in their fundraising efforts during Gala Auctions. This is the real thing, not a photograph made to look like a painting, it is the result of thousands of choices made by an artist of immense talent and experience. This is your patron’s opportunity to sit for one of America’s great master realists, whose luminous paintings breathe with life and creative energy. The auction winner may also choose to apply his or her certificate toward a larger portrait by Robert Maniscalco. The Legacy Portrait requires intensive planning from the artist. It begins with a photographic session with the artist or a careful review of existing photos if the subject is not available. Careful thought is given to wardrobe and setting. Next, Robert will create a number of color and compositional studies on his way to determining the most satisfying result. Eventually, the quintessential and sensitive portrayal of his chosen subject(s) will evolve. The final step is a collaboration from life, to put any final touches on the finished work.

Legacy Portraits range from $7,500 to $25,000, depending on size, number of subjects and level of complexity.
Find out about Fresh Art Festivals, where Top artists create work on location, which is then Auctioned off in the evening.
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Dear Robert,

Thank you so much for generously sharing your talents, heart and time toward helping the children served by Lowcountry Orphan Relief. I am confident your part in the evening drew people to attend and the moies raised through your generous donation will make a tremendous diffenerence. I hope you will continue to be our partner in the fight against child abuse. Thank you.

Thank you,

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