I am that I am not. I am Neti.

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“There is a war on beauty in the world. There is a war on intellectualism. There is a war on history where only the new is cool. But the only new thing is that which has not yet been experienced by those who’ve never experienced it, yet.  It’s called narcissism. It is not new; it is very old.  Our narcissism is used to control us. Those in control feed into our complacency so they can remain in control. They celebrate our individuality, as long as it resembles everyone else’s individuality. Wearing Nike shoes will never make you unique. Voting for ____ will not save you from yourself.


I-EyeThank you for entering the world of NETI

What appears to be a revolution is really complacency in disguise. The actual war is between our ears, where our perceptions are skewed by our own certainty; we accept what is placed in front of us as the truth, simply because it has become attached to what is familiar to us. Our inability to discern what is true, from what is familiar, due to our lost ability to question, is the true enemy of the truth. We look to the vaguely familiar past for answers about the future. But they are not there, which makes us fearful. And those who would take advantage of this lack of real inquisitiveness, our fear, are using anything familiar and comfortable to us, anything that might trigger our ego, our narcissism, to control us. The fear of losing control, which is the greatest of all illusions, is what they use to control us. The only solution is the destruction of all ideas about what is true. This is the nature of NETI.


Neti was neither born in the late sixties, nor the early nineties. He does not align himself with any modern art movement though he has been hailed as one of Andromeda’s great unemployed surrealist, fantasy, flexus, post non-minimalist. The Netizens who “people” his work are not based on any beings he has ever personally met in his extensive intergalactic travels and are not conjured through any external chemical means. There has been speculation, however, regarding the nature of the unique electro-chemical “inbalance” resulting in his spontaneous hallucinations, which he has diligently copied exactly as they appear to him in his mind, and which he is rumored to have discovered somewhere back in the latter part of the previous century, Earth-time. Neti was not educated in a recognized art school, though he is entirely certifiable, somehow innately in possession of the secret knowledge of the processes concocted over the last 500 years by lessor artists, including Robert Maniscalco, his doppelganger, and others, not worth mentioning. Therefore, the acquisition of his considerable prowess has not been attributed to the process of osmosis, though he was once quoted as claiming, “I’s the Moses ART!” He must have been drunk at the time, as he has wildly avoided the fine art world, and even though he is not, among other things, the Moses of ART!, he has been embraced by discerning collectors, partly because of his ability to conjure serpents from simple sticks of wood with hair on one end, along with his being entirely unqualified to speak on God’s behalf. Neti sightings are extremely rare. But who knows, you might get lucky.

More about NETI (than you’ll ever want to know):




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