My Covid19 Takeaway

A year and a half in of mask wearing, social distancing, and just like that, I got the Covid. And it’s kickin my ass. I’m so glad I’m vaxed and boosted. As an added precaution, I also opted to take the PAXLOVID ani-virals, from Pfizer, a regiment consisting of six...

End the Violence

Violence can no longer be put forth as a solution to our problems. As the President recently said in his Philidelphia address, “it is not normal.” It should not become a part of the political discourse. It has always been the way in this country. But...

Grim Forecast

Here’s what’s going to happen, and it does not make me happy to forecast doom and gloom. The Democrats haven’t done away with the filibuster because they still hold out a quaint hope for bipartisanship, and because they can’t get a majority within their own party....

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