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Robert presents a variety of inspiring programs that can be tailored to your audience, as a keynote speaker or as part of your creative team of presenters. Robert is a master in the creative process and applying arts methodology for solving problems and seeing opportunities in new ways. He can speak and perform with authority and wit on a number of arts related subjects in a number of different contexts. These interactive talks can last from 15 minutes to two hours. Robert also presents two or three day seminars and workshops and regular classes in his Charleston studio. Robert is available nationwide for a variety of performances, talks and demonstrations. Many of the programs below can easily be adapted for presentations at local schools.

Robert will Paint an Oil Portrait

from a live model selected from an audience volunteer, or someone previously selected (perhaps a VIP). Engage with the artist as he works. In this informative and entertaining presentation the artist reveals more than his considerable technical skill. It is also a personal, humorous and ultimately inspiring look into the creative process itself, from hopeful beginning to the virtuoso finish. Enjoy the harmonious union of both sides of the brain as Robert leads us in a lively, interactive, creative experience. The presentation requires 1 1/2 hours and is often presented in conjunction with a P3 workshop. This can also be adapted for private gatherings in the home.


The Quench Project

Robert also presents talks, which focus on artists as a force for social change. TQP is a book, an exhibition of paintings and a documentary short. The talk will explore water issues, desire, God, equality and the ways they connect to the creative process.

Performance Painting

Imagine, during your next artsy event, right before your eyes, Robert will create an incredible, colorful, evocative painting from a blank canvas, a few splats of paint, all the way to a finished work of art. Here’s what he did at the SC Aquarium. The work can be sold on the spot at a Fresh Art Auction.

Getting Framed – Life as a Creative

Robert will share his forty years of experience as a multi-disciplinary artist, with funny, heartwarming stories about working with the many fascinating “sitters” over the years. Robert uses a Power-point presentation, lots of historical context and fascinating information.


Quick Sketch Artist

Have Picasso or Quick Draw McGraw show up at your next event, sketching faces on napkins – how cool is that! SEE MORE INFO ON QUICK SKETCHING







Painting Parties

You and your guests can come to Robert’s studio and paint along with the master (with or without wine). Or Robert can set up a painting party at your location. Or, imagine Picasso himself empowering your guests in the creation of a group painting. Robert, as Picasso, will bring an easel, paints, brushes, everything we need to create a memorable painting experience and a wonderful keepsake from the evening. 


Deconstructing Reality

So many people think they can’t draw. Robert has a fun way of getting people to come out of their shell and have fun drawing. Using a few classical drawing techniques as a springboard to a creative experience, your audience will go home with a fun, whimsical, expressive drawing they will surely want to get framed.


Fresh Art Festivals

FAF are one of many culturally enriching opportunities the Robert can put together for your organization. Perfect, if you have an iconic scene or architectural wonder that you’d like to see depicted by a diverse group of artists. After the works are complete, they can be auctioned to your patrons, who would love a keepsake of the place they’ve come to love.


Investment Art

Robert can give your audience the insiders scoop on investing in fine art. What to look for in collectible art? What makes art an investment?


Making the Leap to Professional Artist

This interactive workshop is a crash course in the sales and marketing techniques every artist must master if he or she is serious about making a living as an artist. Robert will demonstrate the various hats today’s artists must wear to be successful. Learn how to develop an effective business plan, target and capture your market, price your work and close a sale. Robert has put together proven strategies that work in today’s complex and ever changing world. We will learn how to maintain the courage to create in the face of competition, isolation and rejection. It’s all about being a professional without compromising your creative spirit. Robert’s experience as a successful artist, gallery director and career coach gives him a unique perspective and insight sure to inspire and motivate you to take control of your career.



Have the artist NETI make a rare appearance, along with some of his singular work, at your next event. Will he show up? What crazy things might he say to your guests?  Only one way to fine out.


Arts Incubator / Think-Tank

Robert can assemble a team of outside-the-box thinkers to tackle any specific problem your company is having that requires objective eyes and a fresh approach. Artists bring diversity and a unique perspective to marketing, programming, product lines, events. Imagine brainstorming with a bunch of top artists who solve problems for a living.






Dramatic readings

Interactive Shakespeare and other dramatic or comic monologues, story-telling and acting seminars focusing on the fundamentals of acting. He can even come to your event as different characters, such as Picasso, mad beethovenBeethoven, Van Gogh, creating unforgettable interactive Arts experiences for your friends, tailored to kids or adults. His lively, motivating and entertaining programs are certain to appeal to students and teachers at your next event. He has a light-hearted way of reaching out to a group, tailoring his presentations to the interests and needs of the target group. A Maniscalco presentation will be a memorable, positive experience for your participants, creating an immediate, compelling, and personal connection with each person in the room.

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