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We are putting together a team of Regional Directors to represent Robert’s commission portraiture nationwide. We offer handsome commissions on his heirloom legacy oil on canvas portraiture. We are seeking vertically mobile individuals to promote his portraits and other commission work in metropolitan centers throughout North America. This is a very lucrative career track opportunity for the right person. If you have a strong sales background, a working knowledge of art history and contemporary portraiture, and have strong social/community connections, this may be a great opportunity to connect and make money.  We have a number of tested programs and offer plenty of support and guidence; We provide excellent promotional materials, innovative marketing research and plenty of good leads; this is a fantastic opportunity to make between $50,000 to $150,000 per year, if you are a highly motivated individual. Contact Robert or Cate for details.



Hosting a Power of the Portrait Party in your home or facility brings with it a number of intangible benefits, not the least of which is a fun, empowering experience that you and your friends won’t soon forget. Presenting an artist of Robert’s stature brings with it the prestige of being a taste maker within your circle of friends. It is also an opportunity for you and those in your circle to grow and become more attuned to the impact that fine art, particularly portraiture, can have on one’s quality of life. A fine oil portrait is all about love, expressing the meaning of family and the special place of honor and esteem our loved ones occupy. In addition to these intangible rewards, hosting a Power of the Portrait Party is an opportunity to receive the following tangible benefits:

• Receive a 50% discount on a Prima portrait in oil by Robert Maniscalco of whomever you choose, painted at the Portrait Party with great flair from life, presented by the artist near the end of the event.
• A 25% discount on a Legacy Portrait by Robert Maniscalco
• A 15% commission/finder’s fee on any Legacy Portraits resulting from the event. (Up to $2,500 per portrait)
• After earning $5,000 in total commissions, you will have the opportunity to become a Regional Portrait Consultant, earning a 30-35% consulting fee on all future portraits generated by you.

What is a Power of the Portrait Party? Robert will present an eloquent power point introduction to his work and mission, followed by a delightful, live painting demonstration. Robert will engage the participants in his process (called the Power of Positive Painting) as he miraculously transforms a blank canvas into an amazing work of art, starring the host’s chosen subject. Afterwards there is mingling. While all that inspiration is crackling in the air, guests will receive an invitation to visualize the portrait of their dreams. They will also be invited to present a Power of the Portrait Party in their home at a later date.

Hosting a Power of the Portrait Party is easy. You provide food and refreshments for at least ten of your best friends and associates, whom you consider good prospects for a portrait.

For more information about hosting a Power of the Portrait Party contact Robert

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