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Use the links below for more information and as prompts for story ideas. Then, contact Robert for interviews and speaking engagements on a variety of angles and topics. For instance, Robert is an authority on the democratization of art and has released his fourth book, The Power of Positive Painting. Robert is a multi-disciplinary artist, combining his acting, painting and writing skills as well as teaching. His “Vincent John Doe” was the hit play of the Piccolo Spoleto Festival in 2018 & 2019. He is a national award winning artist and portrait painter and blogger.
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  • Beacon of Hope has won the “Charleston Award” at the 2021 Coastal Carolina Fair in the Fine Arts Exhibition.
  • Robert received the “Award of Merit” in the  2021 “H2O” Mid-Atlantic National Art Exhibition at the Virginia Beach Art Center, VA
  • LIVE STREAMING art lessons into hundreds of senior centers and learning centers, bringing real art instruction and creativity to people, where they live.
  • Portrait of the late Jerry Zucker, which now hangs in the Hudsons Bay Company in Toronto, CA.
  • Robert and his late father, Joesph Maniscalco hang together in the halls of justice in Lansing, Michigan in the Michigan Supreme Court. Robert’s latest will be presented in 2021 (TBA) of the former Chief Justice, Marilyn Kelly.
  • Ongoing Blogging about art/creativity/instruction, world views and CSA, available for reprinting or as springboard/inspiration for your next article.
  • Robert is an advocate for survivors of CSA and its prevention. In November 2010 he was part of two historic episodes on Oprah. One of the Oprah 200 male survirors. My story is all too common and I am committed to spreading the word about healing and prevention as a facilitator with Listen to his 2020 Appearance on NAASCA Podcast
  • MUSC Pathology Department unveils Six Maniscalco portraits (page 5)
  •  Eight is enough – After years of selling art, Maniscalco has his say (Metro Times)
  • “A Frustrated Artist” Freep covers closing of Maniscalco Gallery (Free Press).
  • Metro Time: Metro Galleryscope
  • Letter to the editor by Robert Maniscalco in response to “Fame in a Frame” (above) (Crains Detroit)
  • C&G-Grosse Pointe Times: Assembly Required – artist Paul Maghielse
  • C&G-Grosse Pointe Times: Mixing Media, ‘Art Beat’ spotlights Detroit visual artists
  • Family portraits, Professional portrait painters Robert and Joseph Maniscalco to hold exhibit (C&G-Grosse Pointe Times)
  • C&G-Grosse Pointe Times: Art gallery on the move
  • Local Artist trains Gullah Painters – Moultrie News
  • Seat of Revolution
  • Self Employment in the Arts Conference
  • Color Grosse Pointe painter successful: Maniscalco known for his portraits (Detroit News)
  • Fish, Moons and Hearts – Jim Pallas at Maniscalco Gallery (Metro Times)
  • News Herald: Gallery Hopping
  • C&G-Grosse Pointe Times: Telling the “truth”
  • C&G-Grosse Pointe Times: Making Good Use of Time – artist, Mark Wolak
  • C&G-Grosse Pointe Times: Assembly Required – artist Paul Maghielse

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