rob at uncork charlestonIn these tricky times, it is often difficult to get out and enrich the soul. As so many creatives are doing now, Robert leads you on a virtual tour of his work, now on exhibition at Uncork Charleston. Rob’s artist talks are always fascinating and filled with surprises. Get into the artist’s mind as he explores his inspirations and mission. He talks a little about The Quench Project, which focuses on desire and the obscene notion that if a person can’t afford food, shelter and healthcare, then that’s just too bad for them. By putting a face on these fellow humans, who happened to be born to the “wrong” parents, or in the wrong place, he hopes to engender compassion and bring about true economic justice.

You are cordially invited, if you can, to go see the exhibition in person at Uncork Charleston, 476 King Street, Charleston SC 29403, one of the coolest and safest spots to get away from the doldrums of Quarantining. This exhibition is fluid, changing often, and ongoing.

Uncork Charleston Hours of operation: Thursdays & Fridays 4-11, Saturdays 3-11 and Sundays 1-9.

Call Robert with questions or inquiries about the works in the video or the status of the exhibition. 313-680-2993

Click to see these and more available originals



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