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Chromo Sapient, Love Poems on Politic, Religion and Sex with Artwork by Robert Maniscalco is a full color, Softcover, 115 page anthology, the magical combination of painting and the written word, creating a space for the reader to seamlessly slip into another world, another way of being. Chromo Sapient is the result of a lifetime of questioning and soul searching. Through the non-linear juxtaposition of word and image, something greater than the sum begins to emerge. We are invited to feel, to contemplate, to experience on multiple levels of consciousness at once, as visual imagery intertwines with the poetic. Chromo Sapient is a deep dive into our relationships with God, with lovers and those ever present others. — Robert Maniscalco


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“Entropy” is an original poem, based on a painting, set to music, composed and performed by Robert Maniscalco. “Entropy” is from the anthology, “Chromo Sapient: Love Poem about Politics, Religion and Sex with Artwork” by Robert Maniscalco, available as a paperback, hardcover and ebook, which will have links for more videos like this.

Chromo Sapient is a remarkable new gift from the wide range of the fine arts, especially poetry and the visual arts. It is the creation of Robert Maniscalco, whose soul, talent, training, and imagination uniquely enabled him as gifter. The illustrations artist Rob places with poet Rob’s poetry are magnificent, exquisite, like an excellent wine accompanying a fine meal. Penned in a sensation-pleasing blend of rhyme and free verse, the creations here of Robert the Poet touch upon a large portion of human experience and insight, likely to bear for the reader a range of emotions and recollections. I share the author’s expressed hope that what he has written and illustrated may be transformational for many who read and observe it. –  David Gillespie, Author, B.A., M.A. (History), Wake Forest University; Ph.D. (Political Science), Kent State University. Charles A. Dana Professor of Political Science, Emeritus, Presbyterian College


What an amazing anthology of a …usually… visual artist’s emotional and intellectual musings Chromo Sapient is an amazing poetic anthology of a visual artist’s emotional intellectual musings, completely real and close to the heart. Each page has a wonderful painting and a deep message. I wish I could buy copies for all my friends, artists, writers, and those who have not yet found their medium. Good going, Robert!!!” — Marilynn Thomas


Chromo Sapient is an awesome book.  From the forward to the very last page, Rob very often spoke to the core of my being.  As an Artist/Craftsman, lover of music, and the written word, this was a real treat. There is something for everyone.  Poetry and stories of living life to the fullest, sometimes with humor and, yes, dealing with suffering and death. The artwork is gorgeous.  My favorite is Gratitude and the story of Jimmy. It is also my favorite painting because it encompasses so many emotions: sadness, weariness, hope, and acceptance. This book will definitely be added to my library.  Good job Rob Maniscalco! — Nancy Fanzini


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“People thought I was crazy, when I set out to write poetry. ‘What are you doing Rob, you’re a great painter. Stick with what you know.’  Chromo Sapient shatters the mold. I have always hated being put into a nice neat box. Haven’t you?  I am a creative and am here to be a light, in whatever that form takes.  The truth is I have been writing poetry my whole life, just as I have been painting and making music. These are not casual pursuits for me.

I have always found it strange that people love to put other people in a box. Usually it is associated with their own identity or their vocation. Yes, I am a painter. But my creative muse takes me in many directions, all leading to the same destination.  I am a creative, without apology and I‘m always looking for that glimmer of truth.

I love the juxtaposition of poetry with my artwork, or my artwork with a piece of music or combining them all together, so they can access the subconscious mind, for a complete sensory experience. The process is ineffable and mysterious and I love where it takes me. 

Chromo Sapient creates a space for all of us to be and feel human. Come spend a little time in the deep end of the pool. Take a deep dive with me into parts unknown.  Does a picture paint a thousand words or do words evoke pictures?  Chromo Sapient is an experimental form about the intertwining of words and image. 


Capturing Jimmy

What’s it like to grab a Tiger by a tale, as told by a former banger?
Jimmy has been through the ringer, round the block, out the rear door and back again.
He’s seen it a lot, but not everything. He’s climbed the mountain invented by his mind.
His discovery of grace came at the expense of winning his own death race.
Jimmy is our modern Job.  
He saw the light. He has reformed. No longer strangers,
he knows now we are stronger together.


“Capturing Jimmy” is an example of what I’m talking about. The imagery in the poem evokes a story. The story evokes a poem and maybe a musical composition. Some of the poems are performed on Youtube, set to an original score that takes us deeper. 

Here’s how “Gratitude” went down: Jimmy reached out to me, wanting to hustle a painting my father painted years ago, when I was just a kid, a good one (the painting not the kid). He’d picked it up at an estate sale. When he came to bring the painting to me we started talking about his story. As he told the fateful tale, another story was taking shape before me. I noticed him standing in my doorway, the light from the outside colliding with the light from the interior of my home. I asked in addition to what I was paying him for the painting, if he would be so kind to model for a portrait I was formulating as we spoke. I asked him to clasp his hands together as if he were trying to crack a walnut. Then I asked him to relax. That is when I captured Jimmy.

“Fourth Best” is another example of how music, poetry and painted imagery can combine to create a new form.


I think you loved your mother and father very much.  Also, I think you are very smart. You poured your soul and heart into this book.  I was prepared to read the entire book in one sitting.  I was unable to do that.  It is too deep to do that. — Chris Unwin

Snow Angel

Your book made me think of the Minotaur going through the labyrinth of life, with a keen eye for beauty, hungry, always hungry. Congratulations, good job! — Pedro Rodriguez

Coy Mermaids

It’s an eclectic, ambitious work of personal experience and musings on the meaning of life that is at times traditional in rhyme scheme and contemporary in its confessional style.  The insights are clever and relatable, and some of the admissions can make one blush while being refreshing at the same time.  Despite the wide range of topics, there’s a thread of urgency that runs from start to finish.  Whether discussing relationships, politics or religion, despite one’s views, one senses there is an important message that needs to be heard, if not acted upon. – Maria Munoz, MSW, LMSW

Forward by Barbara Pitcher

Dear reader… this is a gift. I want you to take this little poem book somewhere you can be alone at a time when you need not a lover, but a dear friend, when a deep love or friendship is necessary. I had such an experience that I want you to have with Rob Maniscalco’s “Chromo Sapient,” [when I first started in the theatre. I had given up a chance to work with Joseph Papp (You might know him from the NYC Shakespeare Company he founded) to be in his repertory company and get my Equity Card at a theatre in the country which proclaimed that one was truly a professional Actor. I must say that when things got scarce and rough in the theatre business, this kept me going, that label: professional. Joseph Papp and I were disappointed that I was not in his Company.


The reason I mention this is that I was extremely happy with the work at the company I joined, but extremely lonely! I got in the habit then, whenever I had time off, to take my book, “Leaves Of Grass” to a nearby lake, skip around reading Walt’s poetry… lightly marking poems read, until I finally finished them all, and let him be my deep friend and fill my thoughts with ideas that in my young being I had only touched upon, but not fully explored. This got me through the summer, brought me back to Manhattan refreshed, and… in an unusual way… saved me. When one looks at a person…especially someone one is intrigued by… you often think… I wonder what they are thinking or care about… sometimes that person may not even know themselves….



This little book of Rob’s, who is a creative artist on many different levels… musician, actor, writer, artist and renowned portrait painter… has combined these talents into an experience… that is all it’s own… and is just calling for the perfect person to share it with. I challenge you to do as I have done at the playhouse… take Rob’s little book to a quiet place alone and get to know this talent… You might not know him completely, but you will come away with the possibility of a sense of a deep friend. Find out about “forever love”; “endless possibilities”; “when the light goes out”. And it might come at a time when you need that person, to give you your light.


The idea of putting modalities together, is one that is both intriguing and fully experiential. I directed Rob as an actor at Carnegie Hall with his New Renaissance Chamber Artists. There was a complete play and a multi level musical composition, throughout. The music acted as the emotional subtext of the play. This combination was very successful; it was called “Prisms.” “Chromo Sapient” is like that. This book not only adds music in ebook form, but adds his exquisite art work, enhancing the reading experience. As I said, at the top of my discourse… this is a gift, to be experienced and breathed in just for the fun and beauty of the thoughts and colors… but, if there’s a need, an alone healing has the possibility of happening. Barbara Pitcher



The Longshoreman

“There is no friend as loyal as a book” Ernest Hemmingway

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Great Work! Robert Maniscalco has produced a very insightful book of poems and imagery. I highly recommend it. Perfect for discussion afterwards. He captures thoughts and concepts that define the human race.  – Mary Martin, Gallerist

Seeing Eye Snakes

I enjoyed reading Chromo Sapient. It’s an eclectic, ambitious work of personal experience and musings on the meaning of life that is at times traditional in rhyme scheme and contemporary in its confessional style.  The insights are clever and relatable, and some of the admissions can make one blush while being refreshing at the same time.  Despite the wide range of topics, there’s a thread of urgency that runs from start to finish.  Whether discussing relationships, politics or religion, despite one’s views, one senses there is an important message that needs to be heard, if not acted upon. – Maria Munoz, MSW, LMSW

Freedom's Rise - a dolphin catching a fish

A great effort. An insightful journey into the madness of being alive. A Dante vision in South Carolina.  – Sergio Degiusti, Artist

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