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Maniscalco Gallery opens – gallery news
Art Business News, July, 2002

DETROIT — The Maniscalco Gallery recently celebrated its grand opening at 17728 Mack Avenue with the exhibition “Italia.” The new gallery is only three blocks north of the old space and will be home to some of Detroit’s most gifted artists, according to gallery officials.

The gallery opened with a black-tie preview “murder mystery” reception, which raised funds for JUMP, a pilot program for arts mentorships on Detroit’s East side. The “ARTnership” is between the Warren Connor Development Corporation and the Wayne County Council for the Arts, History and Humanities.

The Italia exhibit featured new works by Robert Maniscalco, Joseph Maniscalco, Tony Green, Louie Sanchez and others. The exhibition is a continuation of Robert’s dream of creating bodies of work in response to his experiences travelling to exotic places and exhibiting them on a regular basis, he said.

The Maniscalco Gallery was founded in 1997 by artist Robert Maniscalco as an exhibition space and contemporary art center for talented local and international artists, both established and emerging. “Our goal is to retrieve art from the esoteric trash heap and return it to its inherent foundation of joy and the wonder of creation. I believe we cry only in the face of beauty. Art must move, touch and inspire or it means nothing. Our goal is to present art which is an exploration of life and what it means to be human,” said Maniscalco.

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