Rob’s Encouragement and Knowledge

I thoroughly enjoyed your one-day portrait class. I have to be honest… when the actual painting started… I was sooooo nervous! Your calm demeanor and friendly, humorous approach to painting was amazing, and I soon calmed. Thank you so much for your...

Deserve the Recognition

Totally agree- Leyla is so professional and smooth talking creating such a comfortable atmosphere for you to expertly answer her great questions. I hope that this is just the beginning of many many more interviews for you. Besides your great and warm personality and...

Amazing Teacher

Hi Rob, I enjoyed your class and am so proud of how your techniques helped me paint such a good portrait!  Thank you again for being such an amazing teacher and helping me to want to become a more skilled painter. Take care. Gale (Canton VAF P3 workshop 2022)

Remarkable Effects

Rob, I saw your show at the War Memorial with a friend, and we very much enjoyed it. What struck me, as it usually does with your work, is its virtuosity. You can do anything!  And do it well, to boot. My favorite was a certain still life with cut flowers, but I...

Words Really Spoke to Me

Hey there Robert! This is Holly, the redhead from the Unitarian Church in Myrtle Beach. It was SO nice getting to meet you and your lovely wife today! You’re words really spoke to me on a personal level, the endless possibilities of dreams. In Wicca, we believe...

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