Hey there Robert! This is Holly, the redhead from the Unitarian Church in Myrtle Beach. It was SO nice getting to meet you and your lovely wife today! You’re words really spoke to me on a personal level, the endless possibilities of dreams.

In Wicca, we believe in Astral Projection, aka Out of Body Experiences. And along that line of thinking, when the body separates from its “id” so to speak, it enters a place known as the Astral Plain. Then one would theoretically be drawn to the conclusion of meeting a passed loved one on the Astral Plain. You’re not physically meeting with them, but your souls are able to be together again for how ever long.

Maybe its the only time a certain part of the brain becomes active when we truly sleep. And some people’s minds are more concerned with themselves and their own struggles in the here and now, so their dreams reflect that. However I think your mind can be in that special place, when we sleep, its like the deepest meditation the mind can be in, where you’re able to blur the veil between everything. From our alternate selves, to defying physics, to yes, speaking with someone who’s passed. I don’t mean in like a Ouija board, but you’re mind being able to be at its most open and able to receive the most information from all types of origins and sources.

I hope you enjoy reading this, I could go on for hours and hours with all sorts of ideas and connections and theories I have. In the meanwhile, here are the links to your presentation that I streamed earlier. Thank you so much!




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