Blurring the boundaries of theater, music and visual art

What would happen if Vincent Van Gogh showed up in New York City today? That’s the pretext for the play “Vincent John Doe,” which just completed a three-day Piccolo Spoleto Festival run at the City Gallery. Charleston painter and actor Robert Maniscalco plays Van Gogh...

Incredible Artistic Gifts

Rob, your incredible artistic gifts somehow enable you to paint warmth and emotion and light. This precious image takes my breath away…you truly painted empathy.  Cheryle Kahl  

Remarkable Effects

Rob, I saw your show at the War Memorial with a friend, and we very much enjoyed it. What struck me, as it usually does with your work, is its virtuosity. You can do anything!  And do it well, to boot. My favorite was a certain still life with cut flowers, but I...

Really Lovely One

Hello, Robert. I went by the War Memorial today to look at your show. Really liked the portrait of Evan, but also the one about what happens to “the cute little kid that grows up” and the really lovely one about the child with her father. Frederic...

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