Blurring the boundaries of theater, music and visual art

What would happen if Vincent Van Gogh showed up in New York City today? That’s the pretext for the play “Vincent John Doe,” which just completed a three-day Piccolo Spoleto Festival run at the City Gallery. Charleston painter and actor Robert Maniscalco plays Van Gogh...

Must Have Book

So after meditation, this is a big part of most of my days. Plus, I write a lot. The book by Rob Maniscalco is a must have for every aspiring artist. I still have so much to learn as an artist. This book is gold! If you need a big huge skill boost, I highly recommend...

Right On

Hello! Thanks for the email! I really enjoyed your Portrait Demo of Larry at the Goose Creek Art League. I’d love to take one of your classes one day! I couldn’t believe how fast you did that. Thank you for your comments on my 2 paintings at the G.C.A. L....

Mastery of Brushstroke

I met Rob Maniscalco in 2004, when he hosted Art Beat Detroit, a local weekly PBS series that was broadcast on WTVS Public Television.  In 36 episodes that ran from 2003 to 2005, Rob introduced and profiled Detroit-based artists in their studios. I was one of his...

Eased my Fears

Being unemployed due to Corona virus I decided to take up a new hobby and try painting. I bought the necessary supplies, sketched out several ideas, plotted my canvas…and froze, afraid to place the paint on the canvas for months. This week I read The Power of Positive...

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