Wild ThingsHi, I’m Robert Maniscalco, NETI’s Doppelganger, reporting to you today to assure you the world continues to turn on it’s axis (access).  Thankfully, for some, NETI has gone unscene for quite some time.  Let me paint the unscene this way:  “NETI was last unscene in a scene from a movie not yet filmed, nor dreamed.  The unscene takes place in the men’s bathroom at Tiger Stadium, which is no more.  So it is neither dreamed, nor remembered.  It simply is that it is not.  But somehow the work goes on.  We slog away at finding meaning in the meaningless, because that’s how we roll; that’s our role.”

So what’s it all about, NETI?

Tell us.  Lead us.  Guide us with your imagery.  Paint us out of this universe, populated by two-eyed monsters, into that universe where all things are possible.  Amen.

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