Vincent John Doe Testimonials


Angel Killed it!

Great job to everyone!!

Amanda Hugerman

Amanda Hugerman

Unique Experience

I loved the music and the words of Vincent Van Gogh!


Funny and oddly relatable…with a wonderful mixture of art forms.  I loved it!

Darleen McRacken

Very Unique

Very Nice! Incorporates all forms of art! Very Unique!

Kendra Woods

What Fun!

My wife and I rank your Vincent John Doe production, which we saw on Monday, among the shining lights of all events we have seen in a dozen years of Spoletto and Piccolo events!  The acting space, the live music to accompany live performances, and your ability to create credible art work in the fly were elements that once again reinforce: there is NOTHING to compare to live theater. We are left to contemplate, did Vincent get it better this time on his return to his age – did he now have some experiences to aid him in combating the suicidal demons which overtook him in his first life?  My wife and I like to believe that he did, and that he was able to live longer, create more, and even stumble on an artistic mentor/sponsor like the relationship between Degas and Gauguin. You are unique in that you have the artist’s hand and with prior experiences the playwright’s ability to pull this off.

It was a triumph of imagination and performance.  Loved the creating of art and music live. This is true theater and creative fun.

We put our names in the drawing for one of the spontaneous pictures you created while performing, so who knows, maybe we will have even more to remember that production than the program and our vivid memories.  Thanks from my wife Lezlie and I for the play and its marvelous performance.  Your physical resemblance to the artist only made the play better!  We have seen Van Gogh originals in museums including those at Amsterdam.  My wife and I also have been to St. Remy in France where he went for some recuperation and I have marvelous shots of a work he painted at the sanatorium, next to a photo I made of those same trees and mountains today.

We will now have to see your gallery to see what you can produce when you have time to paint without the clock of dialog to work within. As I said when we briefly shook hands at the Monday performance, “What fun!”

Larry Mayfield

Lead Actor was a Pro!

I actually think this work would be excellent as a novel or on film. Fabulous concept!

I Love the Play

And the actual paintings from the actor.

Frank Keitt

Brilliant Play

I connect so much to Robert, such a complex figure in such an experiential way.

Cade Callow

Very Fresh Interaction

The interaction in the play is very fresh. Really enjoy the moments of reflection while “Vincent” paints.

Wanda Kerr

The Music and Painting is Hypnotizing

Good Acting!

Lezlie Mayfield

The Music Was Beautiful!!

Script was engaging – Art and mental health really go together. Portraiture was inspiring.

Jane Farrell

Love the “Three Ring Circus”

And I mean that in the best of ways!

Pat Harris

Very Entertaining & Fun!

Actors were excellent. Pace was fantastic.

Rich Farreh

This is Amazing! Love it!

Caitlin Wentz

Nature of Art!

This play incorporates live music, film, and Van Gogh reproductions painted onstage. It’s an incredible story about the nature of art and its place in the world, all performed with a view of the Charleston Harbor.

Kyle Downs

Off the Chain!!

Last night was off the chain!!! You nailed it, wow, thank you! My jaw is still on the ground. Just beautiful Rob!!! Enjoying all your reviews…truly heartwarming and dreamy…bringing dreams to life! A most perfect night for Piccolo Spoletto’s Vincent John Doe play Starring Rob Maniscalco as Vincent Van Gogh at the City Gallery with Karen and Jan! It was a fantastic play!!! Cheers!?

Therese Marie

Very Much Fun!

John Paul Shank

Very Entertaining

Talented artist and actor – Good lines!

Margaret Dobson

Acting is Marvelous!

Very impressed!! Also, its fascinating to watch VJD paint in in real time.

Dana Ruff


Lynn Ruff


J&B Farley

Well Written

Fantastic, interesting subject! 🙂

MArianna Uszkay

Brings a Feeling of Sadness and Brilliance

. . . of appreciating nature!

Linda Arnett

Really Enjoyed It!

Terry Hartnett

It’s Even Cooler Than I Thought it Would be.

Very different and creative. Will spread the word.

Kevin Adcock

Creative Use of Time and Space

Music so enhancing. Acting so well executed!

Tricia Melton

Very Compelling!!

Harvey DePew

Very Creative!

multi-dimensional nature of the play reinforces love facts. Listening the musical selections in the program would be a good idea. Perhaps just a bit shorter interludes with the voice over and briefer first scene and John Doe being taken from the streets. Some of the set could be set farther back upstage. Thank you so much!

Harvy Depew

All Wonderful!

Most amazing performance I have ever seen – so creative – watching the actor paint in the performance – the music – the quotes – all wonderful!!

Wilson Gautreaux

I’ve Never Experienced Anything Like It!

I’ve never experienced anything like it! Painting and music during the play as part of the action was wonderful! Such talent is very impressive! It was a great interpretation and revival of Van Gogh and his art and philosophy! I admire his art and story as a fan. I loved the performance.

Yasemin Tekgurler


Susan Hartman

Fantastic Show!

M.O. Miller

Loved It!!

Lynne Thogs


Wonderful! Great use of the gallery space. Loved the interaction with the audience. Well Done!

Richard Hanf

Very Good Play!!

Brenda Maryson

Three for the Price of One

Enjoyed seeing three different types of works in progress at the same time. Play, music, visual art.

Reid Melton


Kudos to All!!!!

Melanie Cason

Music, Original Dialogue

A transplanted New Yorker, Thoroughly enjoyed the clever dialogue. Your daughter is lovely.Thanks for the great success. See you in Greenwich Village!

Dr. Ruth Bures


So poignant, beautifully written. Pleasantly, wonderfully surprised. Thank you robert!!

Therese Haynes

Insightful and Thought Provoking

Insightful and thought provoking.

Karen Robison


Amazing the bringing together of us all across time, culture and identity.

Harold Whack


Impressive, Deep and Satisfying journey through colorful inner terrain.

Rhonwyn Carson


Loved the cafeteria scene!

Pamela Parker

The Play was Very Interesting

Everyone was fantastic!!

Jan Kelly

What Marvelous Layering

What marvelous layering of media and thoughts. Thoroughly enjoyed the thoughts, painting and acting. Thank you all.

Genie Boyd

Enjoyed the Whole Performance

Good mix of humor and drama. great idea to have Vincent’s thoughts in voice over, with live music, while painting.

Carole Buno

Thank You!

Second time I’ve enjoyed your work as an actor on stage.

Carolyn Kennedy

Amazingly Creative

Amazingly creative! Loved the actors.


Recommend Collecting

I’m a proud owner of Irises #3 an original by Rob Maniscalco and it is such a joy to see daily. One of more to come, I highly recommend collecting this fine artist.  Michael Prent
Michael Prent

Blurring the boundaries of theater, music and visual art

What would happen if Vincent Van Gogh showed up in New York City today? That’s the pretext for the play “Vincent John Doe,” which just completed a three-day Piccolo Spoleto Festival run at the City Gallery.

Charleston painter and actor Robert Maniscalco plays Van Gogh Vincent John Doe) in the Big Apple. His character is arrested and assumed to be mentally ill. He meets with therapists and fellow patients who challenge the definition of “the crazy artist.”

After escaping the hospital, he exploits the contemporary commercial art market by painting — Maniscalco creates two works during the show, accompanied by music (Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata) performed by his brother James Maniscalco.

“Where is home?” Vincent John Doe is asking.

Blurring the boundaries of theater, music and visual art, the play, written by Robert Maniscalco, transforms abstract philosophical ideas into a visual experience that explores artistic temperament and commercialization.

Reviewer Chunzi Shi is a Goldring Arts Journalist at Syracuse University.

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I’ve been meaning to #paint this #portrait for some time. “The #Longshoreman”is my latest #oilpainting  and is a #deep #exploration of #character. 

#art #artcollector  #artist #artistsoninstagram #charlestonartist #charleston #lowcountry #portraiture #sc

I’ve been meaning to #paint this #portrait for some time. “The #Longshoreman”is my latest #oilpainting and is a #deep #exploration of #character.

#art #artcollector #artist #artistsoninstagram #charlestonartist #charleston #lowcountry #portraiture #sc
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Heres another new #oilpainting. I wanted to explore the #color and #depth of painting #underwater. Breathing was the main issue. (budum-chink) But seriously, I enjoyed #painting the effects of the #breeze, as it rippled on the surface of the #coy #pond. Cut/paste the link into your browser and comment on my #website. Heres good also. Your feedback helps guide me as to which #subjects #resonate. 🥰

Here's another#oilpaintingnting. I wanted to explore#colorcolor#depthdepth of pain#underwaterwater. Breathing was the main issue. (budum-chink) But seriously, I enj#paintingnting the effects of#breezereeze, as it rippled on the surface of#coy #pond#pond. Cut/paste the link into your browser and comment o#websitebsite. Here's good also. Your feedback helps guide me as#subjects #resonate #resonate. 🥰 ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago
Portrait Artist Robert Maniscalco
This #paintings been percolating for a while. Please enjoy, Perhaps #Love. I went full out #romance with this one but I made up for it with my introsoective #commentary. Please leave your #review on the #link, if you would, mates. #Charleston #sc #art #artist #artoninstagram #artcollector #poeticart #beauty #prettywoman #waitingforlove #perfectlove

Just won First Place in oil at the Berkley Artist guild annual show.

This #painting's been percolating for a while. Please enjoy, "Perhaps #Love." I went full out #romance with this one but I made up for it with my introsoective #commentary. Please leave your #review on the #link, if you would, mates. #Charleston #sc #art #artist #artoninstagram #artcollector #poeticart #beauty #prettywoman #waitingforlove #perfectlove

Just won First Place in oil at the Berkley Artist guild annual show.
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