Dr. Fisher (Fred Hutter) #1

Wrapping up our 2019 PS production of #VincentJohnDoe. Thanks to Brooke Mogy Watkins, Brad Tarr, Susie Hallatt, Cate Maniscalco, Lorilyn K Harper, Fred Hutter, Kevin Cooper Ray, Anthony Parenti, David Hallett, Mary Maniscalco James Maniscalco, Danny Maniscalco, Augustus Maniscalco and of course, Barbara Pitcher for your excellent work in realizing our vision for this play. Thanks to all my friends, new and old, near and far, who honored us with your presents as we strut and fret our moment on the stage. Thanks to Rodney Lee Rogers and Richard Heffner and everyone at Pure for making us feel welcome.

Irises #2

Two days after the close, VJD now seems a distant dream, almost as if it never happened. We think we’re changing the world with theatre but just like in the play itself, Angel wonders aloud if anyone else might care about her music. Vincent’s answer: “it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you have found your pearl.” I have found my pearl. Thanks to everyone who helped myself and the one or two others who may have been similarly moved, to find their pearl. We can only hope our work has any meaning to others.

Irises #1

Here are the remaining paintings I created during the show. The others were given as gifts to cast and crew, who dedicated themselves to the success of this production, and to whom, I am eternally grateful.

These paintings were all created during the production in about 8 minutes, during a voice-over of Vincent’s own words, accompanied by piano and violin. Each one expresses the mood I was in at the moment of their creation. They are each 12″ x 16″, oil on panel, $125 (unframed). Any sales will go to deferring cost of the production. Contact me if interested.

“We will always have our dream and the glistening stars to guide us.”



Irises #4
Irises #3
Dr. Fisher (Fred Hutter) #3
Dr. Fisher (Fred Hutter) #2
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