Power of Positive Portrait Painting Workshop 2 days



Portrait Painting Workshop

In these sessions we will explore value-based “light on form” painting methods to create expressive, professional level portraits. Robert will also present a few salient drawing and painting exercises and demonstrate in the morning sessions. Using live models, the focus will be on gaining a deeper understanding of observable values to achieve form, character and likeness. Robert will teach you to think like a painter. Honest observation and abstraction of planes and forms will be the key. Concrete, practical application, rather than meaningless theory, will be the order of the day. The instruction will be tailored to allow for a deepening of the individual’s unique approach and response to the subject at hand. Expect lots of individual attention and nothing less than a major epiphany regarding how the subtle manipulation of light on form actually works in depicting realistic subjects and brings light into your work. Robert will demonstrate the essence of the master stroke. See class and workshop description for more of what we’ll be discovering together. Expect lots of individual attention here. (313) 689-2993.  Here’s the Materials List. You may also want to pick up a copy of The Power of Positive Painting Book but this is not required for a successful workshop experience.

$175 for both days, 10am – 4:30 pm

Space is limited.  Reserve your spot now.



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