artistspainting2The Advent of Creativity  

I wanted to pass on the Christmas wish I recently shared with one of my coaching clients:

In our last conversation, we dug pretty hard into the many ego-infused reasons why we do what we do.  My ulterior motive being, if we hold a light to all the really crazy ideas we have for why we do what we do, and realize how ridiculous they are, we might be able to find our way back to the real reason we make art.  It's not to look good or talented or clever or successful.  We don't do it for money, or fame or stature.  We don't even do it because we have anything extraordinary to say about flowers or people or sunsets that hasn't already been said.

I believe we do it so we can get closer to Source, with which our Selves, the Seer of our thoughts, are intimately connected.  When we stumble upon this connection, or create the circumstances where this connection can occur, often taking the form of a wonderful passage, stroke, relationship, juxtaposition, profound message or just a satisfying composition, we derive a sense of peace, a oneness with something larger.  In a word, we find our bliss in the small and large epiphanies that occur when we take that noble risk of putting down a mark on a paper or canvas.

If we can remember this is a spiritual quest, that the journey is what is most satisfying, our results are bound to be exciting and fresh, because they came from something deep, unencumbered by ego.  Whether you draw the contours of your hand or the last supper, this connection will be evident.

So that's my Christmas/Advent message for you and I.

Expect something wonderful and enjoy it's coming into being.

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