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If you are ever in need of a renewing custom massage or facial treatment, Marina Hackel is your go to gal in Charleston.  Here’s what she has to say about her mission:

Massage is not simply a technique, but a spiritual dance.  It is a performance, a celebration of the spirit.  My best teacher is my client’s body.  I have learned to see the body through my fingertips. The finger tips are the eyes of the therapist.  I am a strong advocate for the mind-body connection.  I am there for my client, championing his/her need to remove the blocks that keep them from full self-actualization.  My job is to remove obstacles that prevent those who have entrusted themselves to me from realizing their fullest potential and bliss.

She will give you a friend discount for the following services if you mention you were recommended by me.  I can tell you from first hand experience, her message will change your life for the better.  She puts her heart and soul into her clients and the results are transforming.  She’s simply amazing.  Marina is located in the Upper King area of Charleston.  She can also come to your location for an additional fee.

Therapeutic massage   $75/ $85
A Swedish massage for full-body relaxation. 60 or 90 minutes of soothing stress relief, stimulating the circulatory system @ nerve endings. You may specify light or deep pressure.
(60/ 90 min)

Neuromuscular Massage    $75/ $85
A region-specific massage, useful for injury recovery or areas prone to constant stress. Reverses the pain- tension-stress cycle , reducing nervous activity in deep tissue. Forces toxic irritants out of nerve receptor sites@ restores health to muscles.
( 60/ 90 min)

Hot stone massage    $75 /$ 85
Heated stones are applied to the body and used throughout to relieve tight @ sore muscles.
(60 /90 min)

Reflexology       $30/ $ 50
Applied pressure is used to stimulate nerve endings in the feet to increase circulation and stimulate the corresponding vital organs in the body.
( 25/ 45 min)

Neck, back@ shoulders  $ 65
A Swedish massage for the client that wants focused attention to these commonly troublesome areas. You may specify light or deep pressure.
( 45 min)

Ayurvedic Scalp Massage   $ 25
Warm, cleansing Ayurvedic oils are worked into the scalp with pressure point massage.
(15 min)

Cupping Therapy      $ 20
A method of using glass or plastic cups to create localized pressure by a vacuum. Softens tight muscles, loosens adhesions, increases range of motion @ lifts connective tissues.
( 15/ 30 min)

Massage and Facial      $ 160
Essential facial @ 1 hour Therapeutic Massage.   Dr. Grandel-products from Germany ( for facial)

Paraffin Hand Treatment     $35
A relaxing hand @ forearm massage. Includes a vigorous scrub, paraffin dip@ wrap for deep, moisturizing penetration.

Only Paraffin hands–$ 20

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