50 Reasons Why Playing Music Is Good For Your Kids

school bandMy son Danny asked me for three good reasons why he should continue playing violin.  I gave him 52.

  1. Teaches discipline.
  2. Teaches us how to be free within specific structures.
  3. Teaches problem-solving.
  4. Breaking down a problem into parts.
  5. Teaches the value of repetition in learning anything.
  6. Teaches time management.
  7. Improves your memory.
  8. Develops fine motor skills.
  9. Teaches you how to function in real time. 
  10. Rhythm is math, which prepares you for higher mathematics.
  11. Girls (guys) dig it.
  12. You are the life of any party.
  13. People want you to play at their weddings and funerals.
  14. Teaches concentration and focus.
  15. Practice can be tedious, which teaches you how to do what’s good for you instead of doing only what you want.
  16. We have to learn to play well with others, teaching us teamwork and collaboration.
  17. Music is the great equalizer and demonstrates diversity.
  18. People admire and respect musicians.
  19. Giving yourself to something greater than yourself.
  20. Music sounds great and played well, is deeply rewarding and satisfying.
  21. Helps you identify your unique style and tastes in music and life.
  22. Creates a life legacy.
  23. Creates higher intelligence by connecting synapses in the brain.
  24. The gift of music is one of the greatest gifts you can give another.
  25. It makes you look smart and talented, “deep” and mysterious when you can play an instrument well.
  26. Teaches the value of work and perseverance.
  27. Gives you measurable, achievable goals.
  28. Gets you into better schools.
  29. Gets you scholarship opportunities and extra expense money.
  30. Allows you to express your feelings in acceptable ways.
  31. Teaches compassion and raises your capacity for love.
  32. Musicians have their own secret language wherever they go. You are part of a fellowship of musicians wherever you go in the world.
  33. Gives you a sense of accomplishment and builds self-esteem.
  34. Playing in musical organizations helps you make great friends. 
  35. As a musician you get to do exciting things like travel.
  36. If you dedicate yourself to your instrument you can get paid to do what you love.
  37. Having a mission gives you purpose in life.
  38. Feeling and expressing music makes you more empathetic and humane.
  39. Music teaches you how to memorize.
  40. Gets you out of the regular classroom.
  41. Teaches you poise under pressure.
  42. You possess secret knowledge.
  43. You are part of and passing on a sacred and ancient tradition.
  44. Being a musician brings you closer to God.
  45. Musicians are more popular than civilians.
  46. Makes you more attractive and interesting to others.
  47. Prepares you for advanced professions such as medicine, architecture or law.
  48. You can entertain yourself even with no one else around.
  49. Learn to face your fears and be cool under pressure.
  50. Music is endlessly challenging so you need never be bored.
  51. Playing and performing instills pride in a job well done.
  52. Gets you off the computer!

Please let me know if you can think of others.  This list is fluid.



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