When I was president of WCCAHH I noted there were over 600 arts organizations in Wayne County, many with very similar missions and visions. I wondered how we could get them to combine efforts and resources to create a more meaningful impact on the community. That particular effort didn’t get very far, partly because at the end of the day, the arts tend to be ego driven enterprises. It’s natural that artists want to be the star of their very own vision, their very own movement. But as Mr. Sinek points out in this video, not only is that not always possible, it can be counterproductive. Just as too many cooks spoil the broth, so do too many leaders. I recall everyone on our board was a visionary. They were all filled with great ideas and projects but not very many of them actually wanted to do the work to manage or secure the funding for their projects.



As Shakespeare said, “the play’s the thing.” It is the idea around which we need to rally, not necessarily the personalities involved. Competing with like-minded people serves no one. When a benevolent, wise leader arises, backed by an organization and resources, sometimes it is best for us to lead by following.

So my question is this: how can The Quench Project, my current darling, fit into your existing vision? I don’t think I’m alone, when I say I feel a calling, that it is my intention that TQP be meaningful and that the work truly be of service. I very much want to change the world, to have an impact, to make a contribution to a better future. But when a project becomes so indelibly associated with one’s name, one’s brand, it often is perceived as just another vanity project, or worse, another get rich quick scheme.  I don’t fully comprehend how some leaders or influencers are able to line people up to support their ideas, sometimes very stupid ideas, while others’ great ideas are left to die on the vine.

I’ll be the first to admit asking for outside help is not within in my comfort zone. But I am determined to find common vision with others. It is difficult for me to accept that I’m not a leader; that I’m not always meant to be the one in charge. But I think one gets to a certain point when the idea or vision becomes more important than itd ownership, ownership beinmg the greatest delusion of all. I nonetheless have much to contribute. God has blessed me with some wonderful gifts. As a Christian, I am admonished to put God in charge. For with God, all things are possible. As I’ve grown into my walk, it is truly a pleasure to let my best ideas go, to let them make roots elsewhere and prosper. I naturally do this with my teaching, where the transaction is more clearly defined. I do it in my writing and all my “sharing” on social media and on my website, which is full of useful content. In a healthy collaboration, all concerned must derive sustenance and come away with the satisfaction that they are pursuing a worthwhile vision. My vision now is to be obedient to my Father God. Giving God the glory feeds my soul, which is much more fulfilling than any credit I might receive.

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