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Louise Noelle

I am very excited to have been selected as an exhibiting artist for Artfields 2016, with my painting of Louise Noel, part of The Quench Project.


Rob hobnobbing with Darla Moore in 2014, the founder of Artfields

This competition is open to southern artists and is modeled after Artprize, held annually in Grand Rapids, MI. There are now a number of mega prize art shows throughout the world. They have huge prize amounts and create instant arts destinations for the towns in which they take place.

Artfields is a phenomenal art experience and a boon for Lake City, SC, about an hour and a half drive from Charleston. The entire town is devoted to the success of Artfields, founded by visionary Darla Moore a few years back. I participated as an artist in 2014 and last year as one of the jurors for the Portrait Competition.

Dates for the Exhibition: April 22-30, 2016

Place: Lake City, SC (my painting is at East Main Market, 139 East Main Street)

There are a number of awards, including a couple People’s Choice Awards, which give attendees an opportunity to have an important say. The popular vote is also a factor in deciding the first place award of $50,000.

So naturally, I’m going to ask if you’re a fan of my work and happen to be attending, please register and vote for my painting (699622) as well as the many other fantastic works of art you will see.  My painting will be at the East Main Market, 139 East Main Street, a great venue!

Artfields is a truly a mind-boggling experience. If you’ve never been, it is a must for art lovers. You have to register in person in order to vote, however.  We always stay at the Inn at the Crossroads – always awesome! Hope to see you there!

My Voter ID Number: 699622

The Voting ID number is used when voting by text. Once visitors register, there are three ways in which visitors may vote on artwork:
1. text the six digit voting id number to 843-647-6780
2. Vote from your home computer at www.artfieldssc.org
3. Vote in the ArtFields Welcome Center (124 East Main Street)

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