mad beethovenIn answer to Schindler’s question about the Opus 31, No. 2, Beethoven replied, “Read Shakespeare’s Tempest.”

Much is said about listening to your inner voice and soul, which is all well and good.  But first you have to connect your inner voice and soul with others.  The thoughts and feelings of an insane person, trapped in his egocentric world, will trip him every time.   Even if one doesn’t  believe himself insane, most people’s thoughts are insane, simply because they are subjective.  They may feel true for us, with our limited perspective, but they can never be truth.   Our intuition is only as profound as that which we have allowed ourselves to assimilate into our being.  We are what we eat.

“The true artist has no pride; unhappily he realizes that art has no limitations, he feels darkly how far he is from the goal, and while, perhaps he is admired by others, he grieves that he has not yet reached the point where the better genius shall shine before him like a distant sun.”  Beethoven

The only hope we have is in connecting to others, those who have come before us or those in our midst.  It doesn’t matter who the messenger.  Just be open to the message.  A small child often contains the wisdom of the ages, as does a tree swaying in the breeze.

Much has been said about the source of Beethoven’s inspiration.  I love that Beethoven listened, deriving inspiration from”the spectacle of nature,” Shakespeare, and even “lessor” composers such as the publisher, Anton Diebelli.    We may disagree about the form of God or Source, but there is no question the Ninth Symphony came from a place beyond the scope of any one man’s limited ego could produce.   It is the result of intense listening, a combination of devotion to structure and a letting go of structure.    No force of will could conjure something so marvelous.  Beethoven understood the paradox of all things being different and the same, all at once.  As Beethoven says in 33 Variations, “I am an instrument of God.”  There is a humility in Beethoven which I find very inspiring.  It is built into his music and his words.  Being Beethoven has been an incredible experience.  Come see the show at Threshold Theatre, now through May 19th.

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