robert maniscalco painting a window Brush with Wine

As an experiment to find out what’s up with all those Wine and paint party venues popping up all over the place I asked myself, what if we tweaked this party-paint-along concept to make it more meaningful and not just a drunken brew-ha-ha? 

I like the “paint along with the master” idea.  It’s a wonderful way to learn.  It’s how I learned.  AND I like fun and spirits, kind of takes the edge off what might otherwise be an intimidating prospect.

But what if we painted something simple yet interesting so participants could go away with something they can be proud of AND maybe  learn a little something about painting while having a great time?

dog paintingThese paintings are the result of a recent “Brush with Wine” event at the beautiful  Maniscalco Studio on the Ashley River.  As you can see, everyone did very well and had lots of fun.  As a result, this program has been expanded and we are now offering group painting parties to the general public.  We will group paintingall paint the same image in a couple hours of some relaxing, creative fun.  No fuss, no muss.  Everything is provided.  You bring the wine and we’ve set up everything you need to make a great painting.  Talk about a great night out!

We are now offering group of six packages, so you can get some of your best friends together for some fun and creativity.  Jacey with paintingIf you would like to join a class as an individual, contact me and I will squeeze you in.

Find out more about scheduling  a Painting Party

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