Cate Maniscalco and FriendsCate and Friends

This portrait of my darling Cate depicts a world where all is well and all is one.  Aside from completely repainting the face from the previous version, I have added 14 creatures to the painting, not including the Holy Spirit, seen in the upper right. Can you find all the creatures?  One of them is Wally the squirrel.

Cate is such an inspiration to me and our love is what has inspired this painting, influenced by John Waterhouse, an artist we both admire.  The idea of being one with nature and finding spiritual balance in the universe is part of who Cate is.  She also wanted a portrait that expressed her relationship as a follower of Christ. I wanted to capture her strength and grace, yet express how completely vulnerable and available she is to life.  I’ve never met someone so free of guile.  Cate has a gentle strength of character which I think now, I’ve finally captured on canvas.

If you click on the picture and expand, you will be able to see her fellow creatures better.  Compare it to the original version.

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