artbeatlogoSouth Carolina ART BEAT Is Coming to ETV in 2016!

  • ARTBEAT ran for two seasons on WTVS-PBS in Detroit from 2003-2005 and was a forerunner to the fast paced guerrilla style, personality driven TV experiences now common on the Food Channel and others.
  • ARTBEAT is shot entirely on location, each 30-minute program focused on a single artist.
  • Each episode of South Carolina ARTBEAT will be shot on location, guerrilla style, enabling the producer to generate two fast-paced shows in a day, keeping within the tightest budgetary constraints.
  • ARTBEAT is hosted by nationally renowned artist, gallerist, author, teacher, actor/director, Robert Maniscalco, who takes viewers on a fun-filled adventure into the intimate world of the creative process, visiting top local artists’ most sacred spaces:  their studios.  Maniscalco has a unique ability to get into the creative mind, sensitively probing the unique processes of each of his guests with a nose for irony. His relaxed, conversational and witty interview style brings an authenticity that captures and holds the viewer. Perhaps more importantly, he gets answers to the real questions you and I might ask, demystifying the creative process, while at the same time celebrating the creative process, whetting our appetite for our own creative epiphanies.  The result is an edgy, irreverent, entertaining crazy ride into the world of the creative imagination.  The format will likely be expanded in South Carolina to cover all arts disciplines.
  • ARTBEAT was viewed weekly by an average of 20,000 Metropolitan Detroit households, with some broadcasts reaching an audience as high as 70,000 households, capturing a 2.4% of the audience at times. (Nielsen Overnight Report Sept/Oct 2004).  We can expect SC Artbeat to be even more popular in the SC market.
  • Charleston is one of the nation’s top fine art destinations.  And the entire state is bursting with creativity.  Featuring the diverse range of talented artists will add capacity to the arts and tourism industries while providing eye-popping entertainment for an enthusiastic South Carolina TV audience.  South Carolina ARTBEAT has the potential to generate synergies between these industries and their platforms.

If you know people in the industries of broadcasting, arts and tourism who might be interested in getting involved in bringing ARTBEAT to South Carolina, please contact:

Rob  Maniscalco (843) 486-3161

Here are a few ARTBEAT episodes,starting with an introduction to the Artbeat experience.

[tg_youtube width=”” height=”” video_id=”Xxra131bjGs”]

[tg_youtube width=”” height=”” video_id=”SVP5mTaMI48″]

[tg_youtube width=”” height=”” video_id=”eOGpvKeK3kg”]

[tg_youtube width=”” height=”” video_id=”gxWBOC2y558″]


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