Chalkboard art makes a comeback!

chaulkboard art 1I love discovering beauty where others see only a mess.  Some of my favorite artists use found objects as their sole medium.  What a great way to recycle trash.

These are a couple of the endless examples of the amazing things and ideas that can be discovered, which many might take for granted, in our daily life.  Sometimes, art is where you find it!

Is it art?  I think so.  There is a quality in it.  It has intentionality.  There is craft and structure.  There is beauty (at least I think so!).  There is energy and emotion.  It is a combination of elements that are pleasing.  There is a human hand involved.  It comments on the human condition.  It has the “God factor,” the element of chance, that actually leads to meaning.

I encourage you to really look at things others take for granted.  Turn them into something.  These are the treasure of your imagination.

chaulkboard art 2

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