OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn every story there are pieces of the problem that cry out for resolution. There is often confusion and pain.  We wish things were not what they seemed to us to be. But present also in every problem, are pieces of the solution which will eventually lead to restoration and growth.

Consider that the pieces of the problem are the same as the pieces of the solution; they are interconnected, all part of a larger pageantry which is functioning in perfect harmony with itself. In this grander context, we know the solutions are all contained in the problems themselves.  They are not separate things.   The problem and the resolution are separated only by our linear perception of time. The evidence of insight and growth is not always apparent in every problem from our linear perspective.  People starve, people suffer and die.  And yet, we know that without the problems we face, both individually and as a mass of beings residing on this planet, there could be no insight, no growth, no evolution. More often than not, they cannot be separated or understood from our narrow, egoic perspective, stuck in the middle of the steamy chaos of living, as we seem to be.

But some find a way to celebrate the inevitable resolution and insight we will ultimately derive in hindsight, even before it is revealed over time.  These people have what we call vision; they know that the clearer the picture they have what they want to attract to themselves, the more likely it will become manifested.  They choose to rejoice now, even in their brokenness, because they know that it is our brokenness which brings us closer to God, that incomprehensible force which connects all things together.  It is God who leads us to the insight and growth He has determined We (individually and collectively) most need.  The secret is giving up control of the outcome to God; this is essential for happiness and the first step to enlightenment.

And, crazy as it sounds, He is creating this opportunity for everyone and everything at all times through His eternal union with, and limitless love for, the entirety of humanity, as well as the entirety of the universe.  He answers our prayers in accordance with His will for the ultimate good of all beings.  The terrible things we see happening are actually bringing good things into being, in ways we will ever fully comprehend.  The evolution of man is maddening slow but it is steady.

That is the miracle of enlightenment, which is available to us right now: we can have peace and joy in the never perfect present by trusting in faith that our fears, struggles and conflicts about what is the right path, are part of a magnificent but incomprehensible journey toward understanding.  By accepting that the answer is sometimes unknowable, and resting patiently on His perfect wisdom and love, we can find joy in the present.  That is called faith, without which enlightenment, joy and peace are impossible.  Yes, enlightenment depends on the acknowledgement, a faith that we are part of something larger than ourselves, whatever that is for you.  It is not dependent on ever-changing circumstances because it flows through an eternal and loving God.

In this light, there is no conflict between science and spirituality; they are simply different perspectives of the phenomenon we call existence, of which we can experience only a tiny fragment.  One just has to look up into the night sky to realize how grand is the plan of which we are but a tiny part.  The cry of our heart is the same cry billions of beings have made throughout eternity and it is a cry that is, was and always heard and acted upon.


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