Steve Anthony Cefalo created some great tips for appreciating artwork, with which I agree whole heartedly. This is not anti-intellectual dribble (heaven forbid). It’s a way to expand your intuition and use your lifetime of experience to enter a work of art. The question is what can you bring to the piece? We expect everything to be predigested, packaged and explained in todays society. Instead, just be with the work of art, the one that calls to you. What it has for you is unique to you. Being moved by a work of art is itself a creative act. Thanks Steve!

Here they are:
“My personal tips for enjoying paintings the way a painter does, or for anyone who feels intimidated or overwhelmed by visiting museums.
  • Skip the history stuff, the intellectual stuff, the names, dates
  • Skip reading the plaques altogether if you like. Don’t worry about being wrong. You’re probably right.
  • Don’t worry about any meanings that you don’t get through your own intuition.
  • Don’t bother with the guided tours
  • Skip every painting that you don’t like.
  • Notice the pieces the pull you from across the room and walk up to those to look closer
  • Follow the artist’s mind, the artist’s hand like it’s a little journey. Just like listening to a song. This is how you were meant to experience them.”

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