RIPWe are at 31 backers, and have $1,810 in pledges, more than half our goal for our Kickstarter Campaign.  But we only have 13 days left.  That means we have to work quickly if we want to see The Quench Project succeed.  Remember if we don’t make our goal of $3,500 by August 31 at 8 pm, the project will be a bust.  But I know we can do it, with you behind it.

If you have not yet pledged, even $5, you can do so right now.  It’s easy.  Here’s the link:

Thanks to Westof Newspaper for a great article about the Quench Project.

We are getting lots of friends pledging, from $10 to $250. That’s great  Frankly, I hate asking for big donations; I’d rather get lots of small ones. This is a micro funding project so small is good.

But time is running out.

I love that people are getting involved. I’m getting lots of really great venue offers and suggestions about collaborations, which I am following up on. When this project is funded and I begin producing paintings from my trip, I think even more venues and collaborations will be coming and we’ll have a number of great options. This will be a traveling exhibit so keep those thinking caps on.

And finally, people are sharing on their FB, Instagram and Twitter pages. This is great help and doesn’t cost a thing. IF YOU’VE PLEDGED, PLEASE SHARE THAT YOU HAVE DONE SO AND ENCOURAGE YOUR FRIENDS TO DO THE SAME. This is so important for the success of this project. Thanks to those of you who have already shared. You may want to consider sharing a couple times.  Quench your desire to help a great project!

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