Recently, I had the pleasure of creating an oil portrait of my dog, Bailey, as the subject of my “Furry Friends” demo, begun at Art on the Square Gallery, where you can also see some of my latest work. I finished the painting in my studio. Here’s my Youtube video of my recent furry friends demo. It includes my original music and takes the portrait all the way to the finish.

It’s a bit shaky at first, but when I get back into the studio it smooths out nicely. Special attention to showing the oft requested “finish.” How do we get from a decent drawing and good shapes to something called the finish? The finish is different from one artist to another. I try to leave some expression in mine. By the end of this ala prima process video, I have built up quite a nice impasto and the paint is full and thick. My Young Lion, Bailey, glows in the afternoon light in his favorite place in the house. It includes one of my original music compositions. Enjoy!

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