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“Overcome” addresses the Flint Water Crisis, part of The Quench Project.

In the spirit of the “Pay it Forward” campaign made popular a few years back, “Paint it Forward” is a challenge to other artists to use their unique skill, vision and power to create work that addresses the important issues of our time.

Art with a social conscience is more needed than ever. Artists are the conscience of society and we need to take our place as the leaders of a growing awareness in this world. I’ve argued for years with artists about our role as teachers and using our talents to convey important ideas. I’m done arguing anymore. I’m convinced we are on this Earth to enlighten, not simply to entertain. We are here to make people think, to feel, to act. We are here to inspire, to challenge and to agitate. We are here to make a difference in the world.

So I invite you to join me in this global effort. I am asking us to step up to our rightful place as the conscience of our society. I challenge you to create a work around the Flint Water Crisis or any other social issue that resonates with you. I ask you to feature this work (past and future) in Social Media, to create exhibitions, to get it seen by policy-makers and by the people who elect them. I invite you to take a powerful stand for issues about which you are passionate. “In every revolution, there is one [person] with a vision.” I challenge you to be that person. Together, we can have an impact; we can change the world.

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