Being an Artist

It’s absurd to expect yourself to be passionate about your art without knowing why you’re doing it.  It’s the vision, not the idea of passion that inspires us.  I write (paint, sing, act, dance, etc.) not to be a writer; I write because I have something burning inside me that needs to be said.  I didn’t write a novel because I thought it might be cool to write a novel.

Sit down and clarify your vision.  What is your personal mission, as it relates to your art and the work you do?  Is the work you are doing an expression of that vision?  Is there a way to make it happen?  How can what you are already doing be turned into an extension of your mission?  If the grass is always greener on the other side, try fertilizing your grass.

What if your goal is to not having a goal?  Then, be passionate about not getting caught up in the rat race of goal-making.  Tune out with a vision for aimlessly wondering.  One precaution: being a non-goal maker will attract others to you with their own agenda and they will want to suck you into their vision.  More likely, if you say you don’t have a goal, your goal is peace and happiness, which is likely everyone’s ultimate goal.  If so, then how can you direct your efforts toward that goal?  Letting go requires a tremendous act of will.

The key to any goal is that it must light you up, because it is connected to your mission, your vision, your contribution to the world.  Therefore, another test of a truly inspiring goal is that it be something that from which everyone, even people you don’t agree with, will benefit.

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