A Circus Barker:

See the video on FB. Heres’s the transcript:

Folks, ya simply won’t believe how you’ve managed to live without picture lights. The light reflected by an original oil painting into a room is at least 375 times richer and warmer than any fancy lamp you’ll ever own! Prints and posters are fine too at only 125 times richer and warmer than original artwork. That’s a 33.333333% advantage over prints. Plus, it’s magical; That means the light reflecting into a room from picture lights is immeasurable!
You won’t believe it. You wouldn’t have been the first and you certainly won’t be the last person to realize quality art actually radiates with light and life, lit properly with a high quality picture light, producing a wonderful warm sense of comfort and well-being. And remember folks, the picture light is cheap but the painting is priceless. That’s right, I’m saying more paintings is the wise man’s key to better living. So don’t settle for harsh floor and table lamps and never accept the obscene glare of a ceiling light. And by all means, don’t sit around in the dark and mope! Because, did you know, depression occurs 799% more often in the dark than in the light, especially the warm glow of a simple picture light basking into any ordinary room, turning it into an extraordinary life nurturing living space. Yes, I said it folks, there is nothing like the glow emanating from an inspiring work of art. So you glow girl. You glow straight to my available originals and snap up as many original works of art your stellar credit will allow! Get inspired to the MAX! These are simply the facts! Don’t wait. Don’t walk, RUN! Don’t put it off. Jump right now, I say, leap into action, while the action is good! You’ll be so glad you did.
So skip the middleman. Get your artwork delivered right to your doorstep! Just click the link below and you’ll never again have to worry about those pesky blank walls or the heartbreak of overhead lights! Yessir, It’s art to believe! So believe it or not! Like walking on air, where its polite to stare. Step right up and get your art oooonnnnn!

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