artfields portrait winning photo with Paul Poston in focus
Robert Maniscalco Wins 2014 Artfields Portrait Competition

For more information please email Robert or by phone at 843-486-3161

Robert Maniscalco won the 2014 ARTFIELDS portrait competition on May 3, 2014, selected from a field of 23 very talented and creative artists, and winning the $1,000 Award.  Robert says, “It was a fantastic surprise that I was selected from such a talented bunch of creatives, but I went in knowing whatever the outcome, it was an awesome opportunity to turn people on to the art of the portrait.  We all felt a like rock stars, with people marveling at every little stroke, like they were watching their favorite sports team.  Personally, I think watching people create something brand new, right before my eyes, is far more exciting than watching people throw a ball around.”

The subject of this final round was a legendary, 92 year old Lake City Tobacco farmer, named Paul Poston.  Robert said, “I painted Mr. Poston with a tobacco barn behind him, which was his cash crop.  We had exactly one hour to bring the magic.”  Only a few of the competitors dared use oil, but Robert is also a quick sketch master and a third generation Frank Reilly disciple, who was all about the alla prima process.  Working quickly is a key structure element in his work.  The idea is to capture the scene before you with as much immediacy as possible.   Each of the three rounds lasted exactly one hour.  “I hope I captured his dignity and resiliency, which is my mission with everyone I paint.  SurTHRIVal takes many forms and there are billions of stories of lives well lived, through tremendous adversity.  When I see that in another, I just want to share the victory.  I hope I did that with this painting.  I just stuck to my game plan of going for a fresh, spontaneous alla prima experience, piling on the paint and with a my time tested method.

Robert will be using video footage he shot over the weekend to create his first installment of Charleston Artbeat.  “ARTFIELDS was a magical time of inspiration and creativity.”    Though his ARTFIELDS piece, “Watermissions – Haiti” did not win an award, it was acknowledged as a favorite by one of the judges and was a popular hit at the event.   “I also had the privilege of speaking with Darla Moore, the extraordinary force behind ARTFIELDS.  We talked about the incredible economic impact this mega-show has had on Lake City, with over $150,000 in awards.  The standard of work was excellent but also very fun.  Those who know me, know I’ve been talking about art as an economic driver for years.  It’s all in my book, Point of Art.  I am incredibly grateful to people like Darla for recognizing the transformative power of art on a community.  She gets it, in a very big way.  Also, special thanks to Karen Fowler, the ED of the project, who hosted my piece in her store, B on Souls Street.  I can tell you one thing, I am now so inspired to go big and take the top $50,000 prize in 2015″

For more information and short bio of Robert Maniscalco

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