PRESS RELEASE February 23, 2015

The Quench Project Artist Talk with Robert Maniscalco
Where: Gage Hall – Unitarian Church in Charleston, 4 Archdale Street, Charleston, SC 29401
When: Sunday, March 1, 2015 at 10:00 am
More info soon at Unitarian Church Website or call 843-486-3161

Loise Noel, oil painting by Robert ManiscalcoRobert Maniscalco will feature paintings from his recent vision trip to Haiti, and discuss his upcoming book and short film, “Out of the Darkness,” exploring alternatives to societal ideas about beauty, tragedy and victory.  His theme is the resilient nature of humans to rise “out of the darkness.”  Robert, who is a survivor of child sexual abuse, has dedicated his artistic life to helping others in their creative journey of survival in the context of his Christian journey.

Robert will be presenting five brand new paintings this Sunday as well as sharing a few of the over 1,800 photographs and stories of his adventures in Haiti, this past November.  Robert received Kickstarter support last August for The Quench Project and is planning several exhibitions in venues in several states to raise awareness of water issues in Haiti and other places.  His goal is to create a body of 12-15 paintings for a touring exhibition.  A portion of sales will be donated to WMI and to the Bread of Life Orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti.

The Quench Project is a collaboration with Water Missions International and is an expression of Robert’s perspective on survival and thriving, despite the many horrific conditions we face.  The demons we carry can haunt us or drive us to greater heights.  Learning to reframe the past and direct our future is a necessity for survival. But trusting our higher power is essential to achieving true inner peace.

Please contact Robert for future talks and exhibition opportunities around The Quench Project.

Have Robert speak and exhibit THE QUENCH PROJECT at your venue.

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