A father's Love by Robert ManiscalcoThe Quench Project Budget and the Arts Infused Charitable Model

One aspect of my mission as an artist is that my art be sold. I do not subscribe to the Starving Artist paradigm. Art is not only my spiritual calling, it is my livelihood. I’m in the business of self expression. I believe the purchase of a work of art by a passionate collector to be the culmination of the creative process.  When my work connects to someone on that level, it is a beautiful thing.

Over the years, I have constructed numerous programs, through my roles as President of the Wayne County Council for Arts, History and Humanities, host of ARTBEAT on PBS, and as owner of the Maniscalco Gallery. Each are intended to create opportunities for artists to benefit from their creativity.

1-6-14 884I am often asked to donate my work to worthwhile charitable causes. Through the donation of my work I estimate I have raised more than $250,000. In recent years, I have advocated that a portion of the auction proceeds be reserved for the artists, not just for me, but on behalf of ALL those creatives who have been so generous with their talents. I strongly believe our extraordinary gifts as artists have value and I am taking a stand.

The bottom line is sustainability
If artists want to continue doing what they love, more than likely they will have to think outside the box when it comes to sustainability. In today’s social media, democratized celebrity has made it increasingly challenging to make a living as an artist. So successful artists are pioneering more effective marketing concepts and creating new business models.  Charitable business models, those that involve championing the great social causes of our time, like what I’m attempting with The Quench Project, are one possible path.

I believe there is an element of good-will in aligning my art with social causes that positively impacts my commission portraits and gallery career. I have come to realize there is value in using my talent to bring about positive social change. I have tried to find the balance between my desire for worldly success against my ardent desire to create work which edifies God and my fellow beings on Earth. My prayer is that my singular focus on The Quench Project, these last several months, not only is a way to help society but an investment in my own career and my family. As it has evolved, I find myself putting it completely in God’s hands.

charityThe Quench Project is donating 50% of the net profits to two worthwhile charities: The Bread of life Orphanage and Water Mission.  As you will see below, there is potentially a lot of money going to make the world a better place. But I also realize, even if nothing sells, and it is a financial flop, I will have spent the last year and a half in deep prayerful meditation. I am a changed man and for that I’m most grateful.

TQP is not a get-rich-quick business model, by any means. But it is a way to enable me to continue doing what I love, while taking a stand for what I believe is really important: bringing darkness into light. The model is constructed so that everyone benefits.

I hope you will support TQP by purchasing a Quench artwork, buying/reading the book, Quench, and watching the documentary short, “Out of Darkness,” which gets deeply into how art can make a real difference in the world.

Numbers are an important part of any business model. So, in an effort to be completely transparent about The Quench Project, here is the financial model I am using.

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