qWfJj9ardwx_1mQeOyBZTb_T3lOiLNAFZoMvwkFjPCc Here’s a lovely, thoughtful review of the show, this by wonderful art spirit that is Olivia Pool of ART MAG.  We are so lucky here in Charleston, to have the support of our media as our many artists throw themselves into their passions.  The review also has a great rendition of the entire 33 Variations, which is such an evocative gem, in and of itself.  It is such a pleasure to act with live music as another empowering Character in the performance.

Here’s the Charleston City Paper Review, also thoughtful.

33 Variations reminds me of the early 1990s, in NYC, and the work I did with The New Renaissance Chamber Artists.  We were a group of Julliard / Manhattan School musicians whose mission it was to commission new music and theatre which combined music and theatre in non-traditional ways.  As the actor in the group, I was fascinated by the possibility of involving instrumentalists in the action of a play, rather than as merely accompaniment or background.  We commissioned composers and playrights to create over thirty original works, some sublime, some not so.  I remember getting to play Prufrock in “The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock,” set to music by Julliard composition professor, Michael White.  We had flutists blowing people off the stage and all kinds of other crazy things come out of these experiments.  I got a particularly terrible review once in the the NY Times, but it was the NY TIMES!

A word about reviews:
I place no feelings one way or another about what they say, subjectively, about the work of art they are reviewing.  To me they are strictly a PR tool.  If it sells another ticket then it serves its purpose.  If it makes people think enough, makes them curious enough to get off their ass and come see a show, then I’m happy.  I’ve had glowing reviews and awful ones.   As master Patanjali said, and I paraphrase, “let auspicious and inauspicious things pass equally away.”  I change and evolve out of an organic response to what’s going on around me. I have a strong inner compass, but if I felt a reviewer hit on something I could change to make my performance deeper, you bet I’d add it to what I was doing.  Just the same as if I experienced a sunrise which deepened my understanding of a particular painting I was working on, I would be a fool not to use it.  Whatever it takes to make the magic.  I’ve worked hard to allow myself to leave my ego at the door.  This is what brings ultimate freedom as an artist.

Come see the show at Threshold Theatre, now through May 19th.

If you like/don’t like or want to add your thoughts to the conversation, I encourage you to comment.  Also, you may want to get a copy of Point of Art – Second Edition, or download it today.   I offer career coaching for those serious about a career in art. Don’t forget to check out  The Portrait – a painting video  and The Power of Positive Painting

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