I must be a crazy artist. I enjoy painting on a time crunch. And I enjoy painting for an audience. Somehow it triggers the actor in me. And by actor, I mean one who takes action. I love the spontaneity of being in action. It challenges me to make important decisions and work emotionally, efficiently and effectively.

I created this painting in 40 minutes, during a recent Live Stream to hundreds of senior centers throughout North America, through the Live Streaming Network. It will be available to watch soon.

Time is one of my favorite creative structures. All the most successful artists I’ve ever met have created structures, within which they find their freedom. I tell my students, “the goal is to occupy your left brain so your right brain, your creative self, has the opportunity to do its work.” It is unconscious, it is hyper focused work. Our object is to trick the brain into a higher consciousness. I’ve talked about structure in the past. Structure is freedom. Total and absolute freedom actually can be a prison. And I certainly don’t want to be in prison. Do you?

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