photo 1  Awakening Marsh – Demonstration

Sometimes a demo is just what the students (and teacher) needs to get the juices flowing.

Awakening Marsh was a demo for students from a photo I’ve been eying for a while.  I don’t often take on sun rises but I wanted to just attack the colors like a great abstract artist with lots of paint.  It was a lesson in being specific about shapes, edges, colors, even if no one’s watching.  Sometimes we fudge because we thing arbitrary shapes are more “creative.”  Awakening MarshPersonally, I answer to God and nature when I paint so I enjoy honoring what I observe as truthfully as possible.   Also, it was a lesson in using lots of paint and allowing observable forms to happen in the paint, rather than muscle them into submission.

Originally, I set out to use the same composition as I found in my friend’s photo but I just kept inventing down to the bottom of the board.  The reason was to get the horizon line above center.  I think it works better than the original composition.  Good thing I was using the larger board!

I’d like to do more of these.  Purchase this painting.



 DSCN1620 DSCN1623

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