OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA step by step Process combing figure painting with landscape


For those of you wanting to know more about alla prima methods and value based painting, here is a little demo of my most recent painting, “The Three Muses.”

This is the finished work is sold, but giclees and APs are available for sale.

Below are the various stages with commentary.  Enjoy!!






three muses 1

1- In my initial lay in I establish
the value patterns and begin the composition.
I am using several different source materials.
I am morphing them in a simple thumbnail,
and working directly from the various sources.




Three Muses 2


2-Here I lay in the three figures.  My objective
is to form them into a single “object” so they make
a cohessive statement about unity of purpose.




Three Muses 3


3-Continued refinement, using value shapes to
see where my drawing needs to be developed.





Three Muses 4

4-More refinement of the figures and developing
of color arrangement, keeping a limited palette.






Three Muses 5


5- More adjustments in the drawing, moving
shapes around, using negative shapes, finding
linear relationships, abstracting shapes.  No details
or features.




Three Muses 6


6-Working back to front, the figure furthest
away is more developed so I can paint the other
figures over her.





Three Muses 7


7-More refinement of the figures.  If
they are not right, there’s no point in
continuing the painting.





Three Muses 8


8-Now I begin to develop other areas, again
focusing on value shapes rather than
describing things.





Three Muses 8

9-At this point I am adjusting edges to help
direct the eye through the painting.

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