Assumptions about a maniscalco portrait

  • The portrait will portray an excellent likeness of the subject (sitter).
  • The portrait will convey the personality of the sitter.
  • The portrait will express a compelling story about the sitter and celebrate his/her uniqueness.
  • The portrait will reflect positively upon the sitter as well as the image of the commissioning institution.
  • The portrait will put a personal, compelling human face on the commissioning institution, as it is perceived by the world community at large.
  • The portrait will be painted and framed using only archival quality materials.
  • The portrait will remain stable for 500 years or longer, if properly cared for by the owner.
  • The portrait will continue the lineage of past portraits in the collection of the individual or commissioning institution.
  • The portrait will become a living, visual record of the sitter which will outlast his/her lifetime.
  • The portrait will be aesthetically appealing as a work of art
  • The portrait will contribute to the stature and extend the legacy of the subject.
  • The portrait will exhibit a mastery of common visual elements (color, form, line, shape, space, texture, and value) and will possess what is considered the accepted standard of excellence for world class portraiture.
  • The portrait will exhibit a dramatic light affect which makes the subject appear as if he/she “will walk out of the painting” at any time.
  • The portrait will possess a classical sensibility, while utilizing a modern palette.
  • The portrait will be recognizable as having the “Maniscalco style.” Look for the dramatic, yet subtle use of light, a perfect balance between expressive looseness and a fine finish in the application of paint (referred to as “expressive realism”), dynamic pose, composition and a deep introspection, sensitivity and presence on the part of the sitter, exquisite color harmonies and compelling color vibration, and an amazing ability to convey in paint the substance and make up of objects, surfaces and atmosphere through expert use of edges, textures and values.
  • The portrait will be available for reproductions by the artist and the commissioning institution by mutual permission. Artist retains copyright.
  • The portrait will be considered a collaboration, in the sense that the principal parties can expect the artist to make reasonable changes to the work until they are pleased.
  • No other artist will be permitted to alter the work of art.
  • The portrait will be completed in a reasonable time period in accordance with an agreed time table.
  • The portrait will be as close as possible to the size required by the commissioning body and meet with all specifications agreed to at the initial concept planning stage.

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