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We can educate people to recognize truth and beauty. But we must also educate people to recognize lies and ugliness. These are not subjective qualities. Truth is truth, or at least it use to be. Beauty that goes below the surface is real. Lies can be proven false and ugliness is still the enemy of common goodness. Those who are uneducated may call this process of discernment, indoctrination. And they are the reason we must educate people to recognize these important distinctions without resentment or judgement. To recognize and discern is not necessarily to judge and condemn. It is to understand so that we may learn. The purpose of education is not to judge whether someone deserves our kindness. It is to find ways to lift up the fallen, restore the broken and to heal those who are hurting. There is no higher purpose under heaven. All the ancient texts back this idea; it’s part of every culture, east, west, north and south. It is the thing that makes us truly human.

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