We just re-watched this episode from STOS. “Day of the Dove” is very salient at this moment in our history, when an almost irrational hatred and anger grips our planet. The desire to win, to defeat our “enemies” has taken us over. Who is instigating this division among us and why? Divide and conquer. Villainies your opponents. Vengeance. Fear. Hatred of the other. An endless battle, an eye for an eye. Threats and counter threats, leading to endless war.

What life force are we feeding? The “war machine?” The Illuminati? Who’s really pulling the strings? What force is in control? To what end? Some might say Trump, but he is merely a symptom of a much deeper animosity.

In this ST episode only “good spirits” could chase the hate-loving entity away. We may not agree. But humanity must find a way to coexist. We must fight the true enemy by accepting what cannot be changed.

That doesn’t mean passivity. We can change our government, we can change the ones in control. But we must lead with love, as difficult as that may seem. It is the only force that will ever truly change the world. That is why it is a major theme in my work.

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