Portrait of Gene and Georgie Wambold by portrait painter Robert Maniscalco

Gene and Georgie Wambold portrait by Charleston portrait artist Robert Maniscalco.

Charleston Portrait Painter carries the torch his father lit 45 years ago!

I am blessed this year with some great holiday portrait commissions.  Here is one of them finding its happy home, delivered by none other than Santa himself.

Portrait of Kristen Wambold by Joseph Maniscalco

Portrait of Kristen Wambold by Joseph Maniscalco

Gene and Georgie Wambold are one of the loveliest, funnest couples in Charleston.  But the story behind the portrait goes waaaaaay back.

Gwambold santaene asked my dad to paint his late first wife’s portrait back in the early 1970’s back when they all lived in Detroit.  He also did a portrait of his daughter, Kristen, around the same time.  Two timeless works by the master.

Portrait painter Robert Maniscalco's portrait of Aubrey

“Aubrey up a Tree” by Robert Maniscalco

Flash forward to five years ago when Kristen was looking for an artist to paint her son, Aubrey.  What a delightfully small world to find Joe’s son, also living in Charleston.  This lead full circle to the portrait of Gene and his new wife, Georgie, celebrating their love with a portrait.

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